Spiritual Training

The spiritual guide performs the role of Cupid in bringing the seeking souls closer to God. — Hazrat Inayat Khan


The Ināyati Order-Seattle offers in-depth spiritual training in the form of regular classes, seminars, and retreats. These activities aim to assist participants on the path of awakening to their natural condition and fulfilling the purpose of their lives. Spiritual study is not like learning history or mathematics; it has more in common with learning to ride a bicycle. In finding balance on a bicycle the first time, one is forever changed, and one knows something by direct experience that one did not know before. Spiritual practice, if it is effective, engages an inner transformative alchemy; in this process, having a guide who has been there ahead of us is most helpful.

Most classes, seminars, and retreats open to anyone, with a few being reserved for those who have made the commitment of taking initiation.

Spiritual Guidance

Initiates are encouraged to work with an authorized guide in an ongoing mentorship which fosters the progress of the student toward fulfilling his/her life’s purpose. Sufi Order Ināyati guides undergo extensive training before being authorized to offer guidance, and are required to participate in continuing education and supervision by a peer consultant. Guides offer spiritual mentorship on a volunteer basis. To find out more about initiation and working with a guide, please contact Wajid Gallien.

Guided Retreats

Individual retreats, guided by Sufi Order Ināyati certified retreat guides, are tailored to each individual and are intended to support a deeply renewing process of healing, realization, and unfoldment as the retreatant is guided to a conscious reconnection with his or her sense of the sacred. Retreats may be from 1 to 30 days in length. Group retreats are offered periodically and will be listed on our calendar.

Sufi Order Ināyati certified Retreat Guides:

Sura Charlier has relocated to the Bradenton-Sarasota, FL area and may be contacted at:  Sura Charlier (email), website, 206.368.3881

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