Activities Overview

“The Sufi message does not call a person away from a belief or church; it calls one to live it.
—Hazrat Inayat Khan

The Ināyati Order encompasses five Activities, which form the five points of the star.  Our local center has added a sixth activity, “Celebrations” which includes observations of sacred holidays and community events.  You can find a description of these activities below, or for more details, navigate to the highlighted page links.

 Spiritual Training 

Spiritual Training, the Esoteric School of the Ināyati Order, consists of the inner work of spiritual practice and development.  The Sufi path is one of initiation and mentorship, as well as one of individual study of spiritual teachings.  Sufi initiates and inquirers are encouraged to connect with an authorized teacher to receive individualized guidance and instruction in the framework and practices of the Order.  The Sufi teacher is not the deified “perfect master” of other traditions, but is rather a spiritual friend who is living a human life, one who has traveled the path ahead and knows the territory.  Most classes and activities are open to all, with a few being reserved for those who have made the commitment of taking initiation.  For more information see:  Spiritual Training.

 Universal Worship 

The Universal Worship service celebrates the essential unity of all religions and offers the opportunity to reconnect with the spirit of guidance within.  Lamps representing the diversity of faiths are lit, and prayers, songs, and scriptures honoring all world’s spiritual traditions are shared. We invoke the messengers of God, known and unknown, who have appeared in all times and all places to to guide humanity toward conscious remembrance and recognition of the underlying unity of all.  To find out details about where and when the service is offered, please see:  Universal Worship.

 Sufi Healing Order 

The Healing Order offers spiritual healing by explicit request through communal prayer in absentia, or in person through touch, breath, and Presence in session with specially-trained and authorized practitioners.  The ministers of the Healing Order are known as “Healing Conductors.”  Please see our Healing page for local activities associated with healing.  More information about training for healers and events on a national level may be found at:


Kinship cultivates the natural connection from one heart to another, fostering harmony, goodwill, and caring action. It nurtures the flowering of the individual and carries it outward through friendship, collaboration and service.  Kinship inspires people to work together to help those in need, to protect and restore the web of life on Earth, and to create a more beautiful world. It awakens the conscience, and builds the spiritual maturity needed to address the planetary crises we face.  Kinship aims to serve as a nucleus of understanding, sympathy and dedication to help unite humankind in the spirit of universal loving kindness.  For information about our local Kinship work, please see:  Kinship and visit our community site, SOI-Seattle Kinship.  For information about Kinship on a national level see:

 Sacred Ecology

The work of Sacred Ecology is found in Zira’at, a “mystery school” within the Sufi Order Ināyati, one whose “transformational metaphor” is farming and agriculture. Zira’at is an initiatic school which is open to all who feel a commitment to spiritual awakening and to the protection of the planet.  One need not be a member of the Sufi Order Ināyati to join. Initiation in Ziraat confirms a pledge to affirm and cultivate the divine seed within our being, and thereby to help in the preservation and restoration of our world.  For more information on local activites, please see our Sacred Ecology page.  For more information on a national level, please see:

 Community Gatherings

Community gatherings celebrating the anniversaries of the passing of Sufi saints, equinox and solstice times, and group spiritual fellowship/practice are listed on our Community Gatherings page.  We hope you will join us.  If you are a first-time attendee, please introduce yourself and ask any questions you may have.

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