Being part of a community brings energy, meaning and connection into one’s life. It also has the added benefit of deepening one’s spiritual practice.  At SOI-Seattle, there are many ways  to engage with our community, including volunteering at an event, helping repack food for the Food Lifeline, donating to our building fund and so on. Regardless of what you choose, your involvement is welcomed and greatly appreciated. Our needs may change over time, so please check back often to see the latest activities and opportunities.

  • Universal Worship – The Universal Worship service is currently being offered on the first and third Sundays of the month at 11:00 AM at the Universel in Bothell, and on the second Sunday of the month at 10:00 AM at the Interfaith Community Church in Ballard.  For more details, see the calendar.  For information about Seattle area worship and ministry activities,  contact Universal Worship Activity Coordinator, Michael Douglas.
  • Healing – A weekly Healing Circle is held on Monday afternoons at 1:30 PM to conduct a healing service through attunement, prayer, breath, and concentration for those who have requested healing.  The Sufi Healing Order also offers healing practices, periodic seminars, periodic retreats and distance trainings.  To be placed on the healing list (free of charge), arrange a healing service, attend the weekly healing circle (calendar), or find out more about Seattle area healing activities, please contact Ushi Darena Kathleen Burgess.
  • Sacred Ecology – This activity is known as Zira’at, from the Persian word for agriculture (zeraát) or the Arabic (sirat) meaning generally “the bridge between the worlds” – the world of matter and the world of spirit.  Sacred ceremonies for Healing For the Earth are offered at equinoxes and solstices (for more details, see the calendar.)  For information on local Zira’at activities, please contact Manal Dorothy Craig.  For activities on a national level, see the North American website:
  • KinshipThe SOI-Seattle Kinship site is offered as a tool to aid our purpose of supporting and helping one another, networking, socializing, sharing and connecting, discussing topics of interest, organizing and participating in service projects that benefit the greater community.  For more information, please contact Naquiba Diane Farber.
  • Community Gatherings – Throughout the year, we come together to mark significant anniversaries and to be with friends in community. Our community gatherings usually involve a potluck meal, music, songs, story, dance, poetry and prayer.  All are welcome.  See the calendar for upcoming gatherings.
  • Volunteer – Volunteering is a wonderful way to make new friends and feel connected; we would love to have you join us! Volunteer
  • Donate – We cannot exist without your generosity. Your donation will help us continue what we have been doing for close to 40 years and do even more.  Donate
  • Website Submissions – We would be grateful for high-quality photographs of SOI-Seattle related events, a blog submission telling about an activity or class you participated in, or a service project you would like to write an article about. Send all submissions to Let’s make this site alive with your sharing!
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