The Gathering Place

It’s time for us to find a home! We are reaching out to you to help us create this vision: A center housed in a centrally-located leased or owned building which supports the work of the Sufi Order Ināyati in Seattle, with spaces available for rental by other Sufi Orders, individuals and the greater community.

Some of the activities that will occur there include:

  • SOI-Seattle classes
  • Healing services
  • Universal Worship services
  • Meditation/sacred movement (Zikr/Dances/Sema)
  • Kinship work (focal place for community service/outreach)
  • Community education (For example, Zira’at (Sacred Ecology: ways to live in balance within oneself and with the earth.)
  • Performances of sacred music/dance/theater
  • Group retreats/seminars
  • Community gatherings

Our new center is the response to a call to bring healing to our planet and those upon it; to mend the splits between spirit, mind, and body; to rise above our distinctions and differences; and to promote unity, not uniformity, in the world. Our center offers an opportunity to explore global justice, global ethics, and the balance between autonomy and community. The Center invites each person to see the one truth within all religions, yet rejoice in his/her own, and supports the values of respecting all, tolerating all, and honoring the divinity within the heart of humanity.

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