Further Conversations with Archangel Gabriel


Further Conversations with Archangel Gabriel

by Wajid Gallien

It is dark, an early morning rainy day, as I meditate on the subtle aspects of the Elements. Aside from the soothing sound of raindrops, all is quiet and dry here inside.

I am concentrating on the ethereal aspect of the each element, letting go of the busy entanglement of my automatic thinking, experiencing a descending peacefulness, when a familiar inner voice brings my attention into focus.

Gabriel) Dear one, I am a reflection of your soul, and I detect an inner stirring that summons dialog. I recognize your concern with the state of the human psyche that is an expected response to the movement of change. At a time when inner change accelerates, you can prepare to see a reaction in the opposite direction. One should not be surprised when mental, spiritual, and social expansion instigates a reaction in the bastion of orthodoxy. From our angelic view, and with human hindsight, you can see how expansion always creates contraction; it is in the nature of the universe. The new rises from the old, but the old still fulfils an important function by challenging the new to be better, this friction whether personal, social, or global is inevitable.

Release of New Site: SOI-Seattle Kinship!


Dear Ones,

I am happy to release a new community website into your care:  SOI-Seattle Kinship (soi-seattle-kinship.org).  It’s aliveness is dependent on your use and participation:  your posting of events to the Calendar,  subscribing to the Site-Wide Forum,  registering for and use of the Group Forums, your Blog Submissions, your sharing of Images, and your initiation of and participation in Community Service projects.

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Things to Know and Share.


Observations on The Spiritual Process of Learning.  By Wajid Gallien

“Every soul at times asks itself, “Why am I here?” This question arises according to the development of one’s intelligence. One may say, “I am here to eat, drink, and to make merry,” but this even the animals do; therefore what more has he accomplished by being human? Another might affirm that the attainment of power and position is important, but he must know that both of these are transitory. Power of any kind has its fall as well as its rise. All things we possess are taken from others, and others in their turn await with outstretched hands to seize them.”   Hazrat Inayat Khan

The Life Prolonging Influence of the Elements


This approach observes the elements and recognizes their relatedness to one another, compared to just their individuality. In other words, to form our physical body the elements have blended with each other, while retaining their individual qualities.  Earth without water would be dry, brittle, and unfertile. Water would dissipate at a much faster rate and would be unable to acquire the life giving mineral that it draws from its relationship with the earth. Fire would not have its relationship with earth and water that provide some of the material for its consumption. Moreover, it would not provide the warmth that maintains the flexibility of earth and water, as they would freeze. AIR would lose its subtle gift of form from earth, unable to contain its moisture from water, and the life sustaining temperature of fire.

Conversations with Archangel Gabriel


Conversations with Archangel Gabriel                 By Wajid

Jabril – Arabic jabrīl or jabra’īl: The angel Gabriel, archangel of the messengers. A compound word based on Arabic versions of the ancient Hebrew roots, variously interpreted as signifying: God is my Strength, God’s Warrior, God’s Might; the Arabic root j-b-r is based on the Hebrew g-b-r meaning mighty, strong, powerful, proud, warrior; and the Arabic ‘īl is based on the Hebrew ‘el, meaning the One God.  (in some texts as Jebrail or Jibra’il)  ( wikipedia)


This early morning I am meditating on a beautiful pictorial story, found in the book “The Voyage of the Messenger” by Henry Corbin. I am moved by the beauty, the form created by the words of the story, my heart flirts with memories of an ancient relationship, between lover and beloved. Lost in the experience of the moment, a whisper in my ear startles me:  “If you think of me, how can I not be present? Would you share the story once again?