Meet Our Local Teachers, Guides, & Activity Coordinators

Avalon Avalon Gallien  a student of Sufism for over 35 years,  is a senior teacher, retreat guide, Cheraga (Minister), Shafayat. And is currently immersed in the teachings of Inayat Khan on divine light, healing, and the mystery of death and dying.
Devi10 Devi Tide…is the Kefayat of the Sufi Healing Order in North America. Devi has over 30 years of experience as a healer, retreat guide and teacher of spiritual healing practices and meditation. She is the emeritus Secretary General of the Ināyati Order, representing the Sufi ideals of inter-religious harmony and personal transformation. She has led healing retreats and seminars all over the world and speaks internationally on healing. She is the executive editor of the Dynamics of Healing series, and the creator of the forthcoming CD, Perspective.
Halima Halima Thea Levkovitz is a Cheraga (Minister) in the Universal Worship of the Sufi Order Ināyati and sits on the Board of Seven Pillars House of Wisdom. A student of world faith mystical traditions for more than thirty years, she has studied with Sufi, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Yoga and other spiritual teachers. She guides retreats for environmental activists and facilitated at the Partnership for Religion and the Environment.
Manal Manal Dorothy Craig, a long-time student of Sufism, is an Experienced Farmer in the Zira‘at and coordinator of the Zira‘at activity in the Seattle area. She was drawn to Zira‘at by her lifelong love of nature and concern about humanity’s impact on our planetary home. She has worked professionally for many years as a planner and editor of environmental and resource management policy documents. She spent nine years on the staff of the SOI-North America, and is Secretary of the SOI-Seattle Board of Trustees.
Mangala Mangala Judith Capili was initiated by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan in 1979 and has been studying and practicing this Sufi path since then. Mangala is a Representative and Spiritual Guide in the Sufi Order Ināyati as well as a Retreat Guide. She is currently leading a monthly Gatha class for initiates as well as a class on Sufism and Psychology. Mangala is a practicing Jungian-oriented psychotherapist and specializes in the treatment of trauma.
Michael Michael Douglas has been a student of Sufism for 15 years and of world religions for many more. He is a Cherag (minister) in the SOI, and serves as coordinator of the SOI Worship/Ministry (Universal Worship) activity in the Seattle area. He is devoted to exploring the paths of sacred art and music in a contemporary context. He currently works as a stonemason and teaches religious history to middle-schoolers.
Sarmad Sarmad Michael Tide is a senior teacher, retreat guide, Cherag, Shafayat, and Dance mentor. He has was the Center Leader at the Abode of the Message for several years, and has a special attunement to breath and the Elements. He combines a deep knowledge of esoteric lore, and practices with a lively sense of humor.
Tsukina Tsukina Blessing has been a mureed in the Ināyati lineage since 1995 and a Healing Conductor since 1997. One way of seeing the Sufi Message is the offering of service as the seed and the fruit of spiritual realization, and this is the essence of what the Sufi Order Ināyati calls the Kinship activity.
UshiDarena Ushi Darena Burgess has been journeying on the Sufi path with fellow travelers for many years. She is a Healing Conductor, Cheraga (Minister), Representative and Guide in the Sufi Order Ināyati. For five years she served on the North American Board for the Sufi Order Ināyati and The Abode of the Message. Her passions include integrating the body, heart and soul and embracing spirituality as it manifest  in everyday life. She serves as coordinator of the SOI Healing activity in the Seattle area.
Wajid Wajid Gallien  a senior teacher in the Ināyati Order, is a Cherag (Minister) Retreat guide, Regional Representative, Mentor and Advisor, has been a student of Sufism and ancient philosophies for over 40 years. Recently retired from a decade working as a hospice Chaplain. Wajid’s insights into the spiritual journey, cultural awakening, and contemplative studies are the product of his attunement to Sufi teachings, which he shares in his books The Heart of Knowing, Wings of the Message and Light Mind, Dark Mind. He is past President of the Inayati-Seattle Board of Trustees, coordinator of the Spiritual Training and Retreats activity.

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